Music Stuff

Still trying to get my punk band off the ground.  It’s hard getting everyone together. Green Jelly record label (Cleopatra Records) received the first round of demos and ok’d a song I wrote with the drummer called Back Alley Dentist.  Friends of mine will recognize that song as Scream.  It’s been kicking around for a…


I was supposed to do an update today with some important things but I whammed my head pretty good on the sidewalk and need rest.  I’ll be out here soon though to let you know what’s going on.  I’m sorry. Doug


Seriously!  What is a 47 year old man doing behaving like this?! So a nemesis walks into a bar….. There I was enjoying my favourite tea.  I was talking to Boris.  He too was enjoying tea.  Tea is fucking great.  Really. And in walks my “nemesis”.  I froze.  Instantly ten million scenarios played out in…


So Lindsay Schoolcraft, of Cradle Of Filth, and the superior Schoolcraft, got nominated for a JUNO.  Watching her excitement without tearing up was hard enough but then she proceeds to shout me out as a songwriting inspiration several times.  I cried. I love you, Lindsay.  Thank you for being who you are.

Good Day, Doug Addicts

Important Update

If someone doesn’t like me it’s likely because i once said something mean. Well shit…



You ever meet someone who is really immature when it comes to friendship?  Example.  If you happen to have some kind of falling out with one of THEIR friends then they refuse to be YOUR friend?  They can’t just rise above and understand that all people aren’t going to get along? That’s me.  I’m that…

Narcissism In Reno

Why Do Narcissists Have Children?

The Poet And The Pistol

Day 5 into the New Year. If you don’t break what’s breaking you – today – then expect your life to be one of misery, and often contempt. Break what breaks you.  Stand up.  Assert yourself, and don’t expect people to like your assertive behaviour. Do what’s best for you taking as few casualties as…